The Business of Authority

The Services Buying Journey

Episode Summary

How—and what—your people are thinking when they decide to buy your services

Episode Notes

How the emotions they’re experiencing impact how they perceive you and the choices you’re offering.

Why you can charge more (and sell faster) when you’re referred by someone your buyer trusts.

Why your buyer compares your price to something totally different (a car, a trip, a fill-in-the-blank).

How your buyer thinks about the increments between your price tags (and how to apply that to your pricing model).

Why some buyers will pay more for speed—and how to set yourself as their premium choice.


“There can be a whole bunch of emotions wrapped around the delivery.”—JS

“We didn't ask what it cost—we didn't care.”—RM

“Bob can charge a lot more than the next person who does what Bob does because you got a referral...If you didn't get a referral, you're Googling for a generic category or solution.”—JS

“When they gave us the final number and the guy was out of earshot, I looked at my husband and said ‘well, that was a weekend away’.”—R

“They purposely put you in a scenario where you're highly likely to say yes to anything reasonable.”—JS 

“The fact that they were so specialized…and so prepared for whatever happened —I was impressed with them (and would buy again).”—RM

“There's a very small list of things that would not be like this—where you've got a problem, you want it fixed, and the faster it gets fixed, the more you're willing to pay.”—JS

“It was like magic.”—RM