The Business of Authority

The Benefits Of Focus

Episode Summary

The benefits of focus—and how to multiply your opportunities to be strategically focused.

Episode Notes

Learning to recognize (and redirect) the shiny ball syndrome.

Is this an opportunity or a distraction: how to tell the difference.

Getting comfortable experimenting with strategy-based tactics (knowing there’s no guarantee which ones will work).

Why tactics used by others are data points, not a personal prescription.

How focus—even boundary limits and some structure—can actually multiply your creativity and body of work vs. limit them.

An example from Apple…


“Decide where you’re driving and how you’re going to get there. Because otherwise you’re going one inch in every direction all year.”—JS 

“The more you focus on one strategy, the more serendipity occurs.” —RM 

“If it’s an activity that is…incongruent with your strategy, I’m gonna yell at you.“—JS 

“You can get lucky, but you won’t get consistently lucky until you have a strategy.”—RM