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The Authority Code

Episode Summary

You’ve heard us tease Rochelle's upcoming book: The Authority Code: How To Position, Monetize And Sell Your Expertise. But since it drops tomorrow, we dive deep.

Episode Notes

How “selling” your work completely changes once you’ve positioned yourself and monetized your expertise.

Building your business in “white space” and a new way to think about your big idea (hint: we’re talking revolution).

Why your genius zone is a pivotal element of your authority positioning.

Rethinking your business and revenue model to more closely match your positioning (and your genius zone).

Getting comfortable with publishing—testing your point of view—until you’re ready to start playing on other people’s platforms.


“If you like this show, you're going to love the book.”—JS

“What thinking about your big idea as a revolution does for you is it allows you to think bigger than you would otherwise—as in who am I to think this big?”—RM

“I just see it as we're fellow travelers, we're on the same mission. We're in the same revolution and I don't care who leads it, as long as someone's doing it.”—JS

“It's so important that you discover your genius zone. We started our own businesses—we took a lot of risk. Why shouldn't we be doing what we really love to do?”—RM

“Once you flip your mindset from I do rails or I do price consulting to I know how  to build rails apps—then you can start disconnecting your expertise from your labor.”—JS

“You're going to start with an email list, but then the question becomes, what should you do first in terms of publishing? I like writing and podcasting because they feed each other and they've got long tails.”—RM

“Sales conversations are always fun, ‘cause they’re very consultative—it’s like I’m getting to know them.”—JS

“Selling authority is three things: it's publishing, it’s developing your authority circle and it's having sales conversations. It's selling without selling.” –RM


The Authority Code  

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