The Business of Authority

Signs Your Message Isn't Working

Episode Summary

We explore five signs that might indicate your message (your niche, your position, your content) isn’t working.

Episode Notes

Note: We're planning a special episode for #150 and you can have a chance to participate! Just record your question (QuickTime is great for this), send it to either of us and if it's chosen, we will play your question and answer it on the show.

What to do when your audience growth stalls—or worse.

How to shake things up when you’re out of content ideas—and discerning the difference between a dry spell and when you need to make real change.

When someone keeps “beating” you—and you’re feeling like you’re in the shadow of a competitor. Hint: perception isn’t always reality.

Dealing with a true revenue plateau—including how to decide which signs and metrics to pay attention to.

What to do if your ideal prospects just don’t get what you’re selling or when they’re comparing you to the wrong options.


“If you’re going on other podcasts or you’re doing livestreams with someone else and it’s just not moving the needle, then you have to start asking yourself: maybe my message needs to be refreshed or changed.”—JS 

“When you’re out of content ideas, you’ve to fill the well. And that isn’t fingers poised over your keyboard…you have to go do something else.” —RM

“We all have our idols—the people we look up to. But that doesn’t mean our businesses and how we take our messages to market should look the same.”—RM

“The way out of (prospects not getting it) is all about conversations—optimizing for conversations. Having as many conversations—virtual or otherwise—to see if people’s eyebrows go up or down.” —JS