The Business of Authority

Productized Services

Episode Summary

Making a productized service work for your business

Episode Notes

Using this as a path out of hourly billing and/or simplifying your sales and marketing while juicing your revenue.

Why offering productized services forces you to get really tight on your delivery, messaging and outcomes.

How you can use a productized service offering to test drive a more laser-focused positioning for your entire business.

We share a host of real life examples you can check out to see how it’s done.


“Productized services are like a path out of hourly billing for people who are used to delivering services by the hour.”—JS

“We need to not underestimate the power of making your marketing and selling simpler.”—RM

“If you're scared of positioning your overall business in a laser-focused way, you could just have the one (productized service) offering.”—JS

“Do not underestimate the power of using emotion to identify that final outcome to the client from your productized service.”—RM

“II you're embarrassed by your website, how do you think that might be trickling into your behavior and your actions?”—JS

“When you start experimenting with productized services, you might find that it gets you into a higher level problem than you'd been solving.”—RM