The Business of Authority

Making The Leap To Consulting

Episode Summary

What do you need to ease your leap into consulting—especially in those first couple of years?

Episode Notes

How to build a financial and emotional runway from your current job to freelancing.

Using difficult or turbulent times to build a new business.

Starting with a niche—and fine-tuning it after your first year of consulting.

Getting clear on your best clients and the right conditions to deliver your best work.

How to learn the two most important skill sets to run your consulting business (and neither one is your technical prowess). 


“The issue that people wrestle with here is risk mitigation…what can I do to decrease this perception of risk?”—JS 

“Everyone has a different risk tolerance for having money in the bank or not having money in the bank.”—RM 

“To get someone on a mailing list…there needs to be a value proposition.”—JS 

“Experimenting with a side hustle…gives you an opportunity to try out different audiences to see what space you play in best.”—RM 


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