The Business of Authority

Making Email Work For You

Episode Summary

You’re using email to reach your audience, but you’re thinking maybe it’s time to step up your game—how can you harness some basic technology to grow your expertise business faster?

Episode Notes

How to think about email as a tool to spread your ideas and share your expertise.

Why simple is often best—and what to focus on to keep it that way.

Basic automations that will allow you to help more people at scale (without overcomplicating your life).

Creating the client and buyer experience that stays true to your brand and message (hint: you’ll want to test how it’s working).


“If you're in the business of changing people's minds… it's a pretty good strategy to do it slowly over time, like drip information out in digestible bits, until finally it clicks.”—JS

“We want email to work for us. We want it to engage people in our revolution—engage them in buying things from us, learning things from us.”—RM

“Having things scheduled in advance and set to go out on a particular schedule is really useful from an impact standpoint, because you can help people for free at scale.”—JS

“A welcome or nurture sequence…is where you're bringing them in a very nurturing, welcoming way. That's really important when we're talking about expertise, authority.”—RM

“The cautionary tale is it's really easy to overcomplicate this at the beginning and think that you need to know every move each person makes to get it customized to the situation.”—JS

“There's just something different about when you look at your emails from the buyer's point of view.”—RM

“Periodically I'll have a big jump up in subscribers and it'll like, push me into a new category price wise and I'll be like, eh, maybe it's time to prune.”—JS 

“It's the brand experience—what do you want people to experience as they go through these different emails with you?”—RM


Ditching Hourly with Jason Resnick