The Business of Authority

Leading vs Exploring

Episode Summary

We both happened to listen to the same Derek Sivers interview on leading vs. exploring and we just had to go there.

Episode Notes

We're planning a special episode for #150 and you can have a chance to participate! Just record your question and send it to either of us and if it's chosen, we will play your question and answer it on the show. 

Evaluating the continuum from leading (like say thought leadership) to exploring in your space.

How to know when to explore vs. when to lead.

When “busy” feels productive, but is instead keeping you in exactly the same position—neither exploring nor leading.

Deciding where on the exploring vs. leading continuum you want to be (for now).

Making choices to give you quick wins while still playing the long game.


“Exploring is about welcoming synchronicity, coincidence, luck and connection.”—JS 

“You might have phases where you explore…maybe your business model isn’t working so you decide to pivot and you open yourself up to ‘what other things could I do?’” —RM 

“You don’t have to have the map—you can make the map as you’re going. ”—JS 

“We naturally gravitate to different points on the spectrum. Even if right now you’re in an explore phase, that doesn’t mean that’s where you’re going to stay.” —RM