The Business of Authority

Distraction vs. Opportunity

Episode Summary

Ever wind up wondering what you were thinking after saying “yes” to something that turned out to be a complete distraction from your business? How to tell the difference between distraction and opportunity—BEFORE you say yes.

Episode Notes

The role of your strategy in deciding whether something is a distraction or an opportunity.

Why it’s worth your time to determine the motivation and mindset behind the people approaching you with ideas.

Aligning your goals with the ongoing decisions you need to make to keep delivering and funding your mission.

When saying yes to distractions becomes a form of procrastination (and how to kick the habit).

Knowing what’s a good use of your time and convincing yourself to stick to your own rules.


“At the end of the day, strategy is the litmus test that would separate…distraction and opportunity.”—JS

“If you feel like someone is sweet-talking you..look to their materials—their website, social media handles—and get a sense of whether they’re me-focused or other-focused.”—RM

“If it can’t fail, it’s not a strategy.”—JS

“You have to decide what you’re going to get out of this so you’ll know if it’s a distraction or an opportunity.”—RM

“You have a goal, you decide how you’re gonna get there—and if you change how you’re gonna get there, then you’re making a strategic change and that should be a big deal.”—JS 

“You have to allow yourself the ability to stick to your path.”—RM