The Business of Authority

Consulting Success with Michael Zipursky

Episode Summary

Building a truly sustainable business that provides the freedom AND profit your ideal lifestyle demands.

Episode Notes

The mindset—and preparation—you need to leave a corporate job and build a successful consulting business. 

Why consultants willing to develop an entrepreneurial skillset are more likely to create a sustainable business.

The role of leverage in growing your revenue, while decoupling it with your time.

How to build and run a highly successful business while traveling the world (or raising your family, practicing your art or any other personal ambition).

Why deciding to ignore limiting beliefs is the first step to creating a sustainable business.


“Develop content and get those ideas out there. Don’t wait, even if you are employed right now.”—MZ

“Look at all the different people around you—colleagues, your boss, vendors, suppliers…and try to invest in those relationships now. ”—MZ

“Productizing parts of your offer allows your clients to get great benefit and value without your direct involvement.”—MZ

“Get very clear about the lifestyle you want…then figure out the right business model and the right strategy and the right approach to create the lifestyle you want.”—MZ

“People making the transition from corporate to consulting have a limiting belief: that they have to do what they’ve seen others do.”—MZ

“Complexity doesn’t scale.”—MZ


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