The Business of Authority

The Business of Authority

How to make a living while you’re making a difference.

A weekly show for independent professionals who want to go from six-figures to seven while increasing their impact on the world.

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    The Quest For Perfect

    Are you being a perfectionist... or just procrastinating?

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    True Fans

    Some thoughts on how to attract your true fans.

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    Creating Leverage

    How to package your expertise in ways that will increase your impact and revenue.

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    Offending People

    Using your marketing to filter out bad fit clients and customers.

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    Validating Your Idea

    Which ideas you should validate, which you shouldn't, and how to do it if you're going to.

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    Is the notion of retirement dead?

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    Business Models

    Different ways to think about monetizing your expertise.

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    Redesigning Your Website

    How to decide what your website for and how much should you spend on it.

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    Speaking truth that is consistent with who you are.

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    Finding Your Sweet Spot

    How to find the overlap between your expertise and what your client needs so you can operate in your genius zone.

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    Niching Down

    It's counterintuitive but true: focusing on a narrow market segment is great for business.

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    Uncovering Your Big Idea

    We unpack the concept of a big idea, share some examples, and suggest how to start to define one for yourself.

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    The Big Idea

    Structuring your business around a big idea

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